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Nail Reconstruction

Providing Everything You Need

Sue - before.jpg
Sue - before.jpg

Before - trauma

Reasons for treatment

There can be many reasons to have nail reconstruction.  

  • Nail Trauma - due to ill fitting shoes or your toes hitting the roof of shoes causing damage.

  • Runners - alot of people who do long distance running/high active sports suffer with nail trauma.

  • Fungal nail - past nail infections can cause permanent damage to the nail which never quite grows the same again.

  • Total nail removal - due to a history of ingrowing/problematic toenail which has resulted in the nail being permanently removed by a professional 

Toe nail reconstruction


We apply a poly-gel system. This is an ideal short term solution to cover the damaged nail.  The time the nail reconstruction lasts on the nail varies - if there is more existing nail remaining then the system will adhere to it and stay on longer.  

sue -after.jpg

After - with reconstruction

van - before.jpg

Before - fungal 

van - after.jpg

After - fungus removed 

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